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Siddaramiah For CM

Why we believe Siddaramiah govt is Liberal?

Emphasis on infrastructure especially roads. State Highways have received a massive upgrade while Bengaluru has been practically rebuilt.

Rule of Law. CM has reduced arbitrariness and has empowered institutions to usher in rule of Law.


Freedom given to IPS officers to engage people on Social Media and usher in new paradigms of problem solving.
Reviving Anti Corruption Bureau instead of adhoc Lokayukta police.

Involving Civil Society in governance. BBPAG and govt's willingness to work with non-profits and business leaders to develop Bengaluru and the whole of Karnataka.

Rational beliefs. CM sets an example by debunking superstitions. Presented the budget in 'rahu kala' and visited Chamrajanagar District which previous CMs used to avoid claiming a jinx to Chief Ministership!!

First among equals. The entire cabinet works as a team, with the CM respecting all Cabinet members and let them lead.

Pro market rather than pro Business. Siddaramiah govt encourages competition in the market and acts against crony capitalism of any kind. Examples: Regulation of app-based cabs to make them affordable to people and also provide level playing field to all cab companies.

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