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Repeal Section 377

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Australia's same-sex survey is historic, but it's dangerous to put minority rights at majority's approval - Firstpost
A Giant Leap For Mankind: The Global Launch Of A UN Charter On LGBT Rights In Mumbai - VERVE
A Giant Leap For Mankind: The Global Launch Of A UN Charter On LGBT Rights In Mumbai - VERVE
Proud and fighting against prejudice, they march on - Times of India
What The SC Ruling On Sex With Minor Wives Means For The Child Brides Of India - Huffington Post India
Curative petition in Supreme Court against gay sex verdict not listed yet - Economic Times
LGBT rights were accepted in ancient India, Section 377 must be repealed.
'Section 377 repeal matter of formality now' - Times of India
Target Section 377: On decriminalising gay sex - The Hindu - The Hindu

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