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Jharkhand Liberals

We're Liberals from Jharkhand. We support Mr. Yashwant Sinha in his Rashtra Manch effort. He is a Liberal leader who worked closerly with Former PM Atal Bihar Vajpayee. We also support JVM leader Mr. Babulal Marandi whenever he takes Liberal positions.

Liberals whom we support in Jharkhand.

Yashwant Sinha, Rashtra Manch

Liberal Agenda:

Online FIRs so that its registered before we go to a police station go give testimony/evidence. [ indian_liberals ]
More women operated transport (auto-rickshaws, taxis and buses) to reassure women of their safety. [ indian_liberals ]
We call for the abolition of the Office of Vice President of India. [ indian_liberals ]
We oppose all and every ban on books, movies, paintings and other creative work. [ freespeechindia ]
Enacting a Uniform Civil Code with modern, liberal values to protect the rights of women and children. [ support_ucc ]
We support removing the terms Socialism and Secularism from the premable of the Constitution. [ indian_liberals ]
We oppose Govt monopoly in transport services. [ bus_hour ]
We call for electronic direct deposit of GST into govt treasury during any sale. [ pay_tax_india ]
We call for allowing FM radio channels to air news and current affairs programs. [ freemarketindia ]
Run-off election between top 2 candidates, if no one gets more than 50% votes in general election. [ runoff_election ]
We call for demonetising Rs. 2000 currency notes. [ pay_tax_india ]
We oppose Aadhaar in its current form. We demand respect for privacy and data protection. [ norighttocash ]
We oppose cash transfers and freebies. We support universal in-kind welfare. [ norightotcash ]

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BJP-PDP split no surprise; it's Modi govt which has failed: Yashwant Sinha - Economic Times
BJP pursued Chanakiyan policy and dumped PDP: Yashwant Sinha - Brighter Kashmir (press release)
Babulal Marandi statement on land acquisition amendment bill ... - EenaduIndia Hindi
Like Mufti, Yashwant Sinha rejects Centre's 'muscular policy' on Kashmir; supports talks with Pak - Oneindia
Quest For Electoral Gain Behind BJP-PDP Split, Says Yashwant Sinha - BloombergQuint
Yashwant Sinha visits Shujaat Bukhari's home, expresses condolence - Kashmir Reader

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