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Free Market India

We support Liberalization and privatisation of all Industries. We oppose govt monopolies and restrictions on trade.

Liberal Agenda:

Abolition of Prohibition that violates right to do business and people's right to choose what they eat or drink.
We oppose anti-cow slaughter laws. People have a right to choose their food, and to trade on meat products.
We support privatisation of Railways. Abolish Indian Railways monopoly on rail roads and services.
We support selling off Air India and govt exiting the civil aviation business.

News relevant to this Campaign:

RT @stevedekorte @zacbir likewise, India rise out of poverty came with pro free market reforms in the 1990s.
RT @firstpost #UNCTAD said new #liberalisation efforts continue to improve the #investment climate in #India #FDI
Our partners restoring Humayun's Tomb understand they're investing in India's development like other infrastructure.
Focus on jobs, not just getting FDI - The Asian Age
Skewed policy keeps foreign miners away from exploration in India - Business Standard
Unemployment rate: Periodic labour survey to give jobs data for rural, urban India, allow Centre to calibrate policies - Financial Express
India has surplus power now; here's why must get government out of ownership of electricity companies - Financial Express
State companies to revise petrol, diesel prices daily from June 16 - Times of India
Open market required for India to sustain 8-10% growth: CEA | Free ... - Free Press Journal

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